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What is TinySG?

TinySG is the leading URL shortener preferred by many to create shorten URLs most reliably and securely. URL shortening is generally a technique of mapping a long Uniform Resource Locator (URL) to a short URL that redirects to the same landing page like the former. Initially, this concept was implemented to prevent the complexity of copying long URLs in the content and to smoothen the dissemination of content without breaks. Nowadays, it has turned a trend in social media to accommodate more content in their posts.

The purpose of using URL Shorteners are wide while the main reason is to make it easy to type and distribute while long URLs may be aesthetically unpleasing. TinySG shortens the URL and makes it efficient to be added in the promotional and marketing content where it does not use up most of the characters.

The main objective of TinySG is to substantially shorten the original long URL but still, it redirects to the required page. TinySG makes the long URL easy to be shared and communicated with clients.